Professional Christmas light installation guide to hiring the right company

Published on 5 March 2023 at 10:19
Christmas Light Installer Portland

How to vet professional Christmas light installers | This guide includes:

  • How to find the right professional Christmas Light Installation company
  • The holidays are busy so look for a Hassel Free installation/maintenance/removal/storage process
  • Look for companies with good reviews and and even better reputation
  • Properly Trained
  • Safety First
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Quality Products
  • Above all excellent customer service
Christmas Light Installlion Process Portland, Oregon

Christmas Light Installation Services

October, November, and December are the three most eventful months out of the year. First we have Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and then Christmas. Making this the most highly anticipated season for many each and every year and it's important with many of these to have the best holiday light display and biggest celebration possible. Hiring a professional team to install your lights can transform your home into the main attraction in your neighborhood and impress everyone that passes by

Stress free professional Christmas Light Installation

Stress Free Holiday Decorations 

The Holidays have a reputation for already being a chaotic time of year and having to worry about decorating your home for the holidays tends to only add to that stress. Installing Christmas lights is not as easy as cutting and hanging lights. In fact it is often a very methodical process, it's time consuming, and requires a lot of patience. Just the thought of crawling into the attic to find your storage bin of decorations and untangling the mess of lights can cause anxiety. The best part of hiring a professional holiday light installation service like Saint Nick's is that you can sit back and relax while we handle the installation. No more strands of lights with extra bulbs hanging down off the side of your house. A true holiday lighting professional has mastered the art of installation and knows how to custom tailor a design unique to the style of your home's architecture. Our experience has been that homeowners contact a professional lighting company for a free quote and design consultation so they can discuss their lighting system with experts who know what works best. Just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should. I am sure I could figure out how to cut my own hair, I have access to the tools they use and I'm obviously capable. I could even save myself a little bit of money. But it doesn't mean that it is in my best interest. Instead I trust a licensed professional who specializes in that craft. I would say hiring a professional Christmas Lighting company may seem like an expense at first, but truly it's a long term investment

Residential Christmas Light Company doing a professional Christmas light installation in Portland

Reputation and Reviews are Key

When searching for a Holiday Lighting service there are several things to take into consideration. Several people advertise themselves as Christmas light installation companies, when the reality is they have only hung a few customer provided lights during the holidays while performing the other services their business offers. An outdoor lighting company that does lighting year around not just during the holidays has experience with all types of lighting and tends to provide the best quality of service. Craftsmanship and the quality of service a company offers to provide by far is the most important factor to consider. Sure Christmas Lights and other holiday decorations tend to be temporary, but look for a company that takes pride in their work and is not afraid to share what their previous customers have to say about themselves. A reputable Christmas lighting company typically offers a free quote without any hidden agenda or unspoken fees. Once you find a reliable company you'll definitely know when you are in good hands.

Proper safety equipment for Christmas light installation

Qualified Technicians 

Whether you want a simple holiday display or an extravagant array of lighting, outdoor or indoor holiday lighting, it's important to have well qualified technicians to guarantee the job is done right. Always hire experienced installers with plenty of field experience, properly trained on the industries common practices for hanging and installing different types of lights. You can search locally for qualified technicians who offer free estimates online

C9 Christmas Light Bulbs from Portland Best Christmas Light Installer

Quality Products

Another couple of perks to using a reputable professional Christmas light installation company is they use commercial grade products. Not only will your Christmas lights look elegant installed, but the lighting you've purchased should last for several years. In harsher climates with bouts of extreme weather like we have recently seen here in Portland, Oregon ie. torrential downpours, high winds, freezing temperatures, and at times snow, it's almost pointless to use a product that can't weather a storm. For more information about commercial grade products check out our blog about commercial grade C9 Bulbs, Spt1-2 socketwire, and the best clips on the market. Make sure the service goes beyond the installation. A solid company will provide you with maintenance, removal services, and if they are as cool as Saint Nick's Christmas Lights they will use a climate controlled storage facility for all of their annual customers.

Christmas Light Installation Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

The main thing is enjoy the season, spend time with family, live, laugh, and love! Hope this is resourceful!

With all that being said, if you're looking for a company that checks all these boxes and exceeds all the requirements listed above fill out a form below or check out our holiday lighting service page. Thanks for reading from Saint Nick's Christmas Lights!

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How to hire the right Christmas Light Company

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