RGB Color Changing Bulbs

Published on 27 December 2022 at 21:39

RGB Led C9 Bulbs that change colors

Check out some information about the newest craze in holiday light displays Color-changing bulbs feature red, green, and blue LED light diodes. Yet by emitting different intensities of light, the human eye perceives a wider variety of colors, including multiple shades of yellow, pink, purple, and blue. When all three diodes emit light at full capacity, you will see white light similar to a standard bulb.

A couple of places to acquire some information on these products

Christmas light installation Georgetown Texas 

RGB Christmas Lights - Twinkly Pro and Minleon (christmasdesigners.com)

Dynamic RGB > Dynamic C9 Retrofit System - Holidynamics - Holiday Lighting Solutions

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We did a couple of these displays this year and if you have any questions send us a message. Also, Saint Nick's Christmas Lights is currently on Google maps check us out now and leave a positive review about your experience. 

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